Valentine’s Tech Gift Ideas 2018

People may run out of the ideas of what to give to their loved ones (who are techy and tech savvy). Selecting gifts for valentines wouldn’t have to be such a bore because we have selected cool, fun, practical, and unique gifts for you this Valentine’s! Check these out.

1. LONG DISTANCE TOUCH LAMP ($75.00 – 150.00)

Light up a loved one’s life—across town or across the country—with two or more of these in-sync lamps. When you turn one on with a simple touch of your hand, its mate emits the same ambient glow, no matter where it is and who is on the other end: Parent or grandparent, niece or nephew, or long-distance significant other. Each person sets up their lamp via Wi-Fi, then reaches out and touches the lamp whenever they want to let their loved one know they’re thinking of them. No need to choose a color: with every touch, the lamp cycles through a rainbow of them, one at a time. Designed by John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen.

2. THE HB RING ($599-$2,990)

HB Ring lets you see and feel the real-time heartbeat of your loved one, directly on your ring. It works really simple; lets you see the real-time heartbeat of your loved one on your ring, always saves the last recorded heartbeat of your loved one, and shows it when real-time heartbeat is not available, and randomly shows you the real-time heartbeat of your loved one, pleasantly surprising you during the day. You can also download the app, connect the your ring, and pair it with your loved one. The ring also comes with a beautiful charger box.


Coming to a theater near you: viral YouTube videos, your Instagram feed, and cat gifs galore. This portable magnifier is about to blow up your phone—or at least what you see on the screen. Just slip your device into the fully assembled, retro-styled cardboard TV and enjoy your mobile movies double the size of your display. Keep it in your bag for impromptu screenings during your next camping trip, sleepover, or long car ride. Designed in London. .


Remembering that all-important memory card/flash stick/USB drive can be a real challenge, but with these clever cufflinks the modern man can dress for success by keeping these genius tech-ccessories on hand. Whether he’s carrying a spreadsheet for a business meeting or a slideshow for a family reunion, he’ll always keep his go-to tool up (or rather, on!) his sleeve when he dons these sleek, functional cufflinks – hidden inside each cufflink is a 8 GB USB flash drive. The rhodium-plated base metal is topped with a chic, silver finish.


Your nephew flew across five states to visit, and boy is he cute. Moments you want to capture: 987. The charge in your phone battery: 0. Luckily, you’re wearing your Phone Charging Bracelet. With its lightweight, minimalist styling and polished metallic shine, it’s so cool you forgot it was a tool.

You juiced up its rechargeable lithium battery two months ago, and the hidden LED indicators say it’s still charged. Slip off the bangle, insert the hidden Lightning Connector into your iPhone, and charge it up to 50% (depending on the model) in just 40 minutes. After you’ve distracted him awhile with candy (his parents don’t need to know), it’s time to record that joyful sugar high before he crashes. Designed in New York City.

Source: Uncommongoods, TheTouch

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