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Successful startups all have two critical things in common; they have a good idea (the easy part) AND they have effective execution (the hard part).

Everyone has good ideas from time to time, but what separates an idea from a success story? Taking action. Easier said than done right?

That’s where we come in. As a tech incubator, our goal is to help you turn your idea into a living, breathing business. All of our services revolve around this singular mission, from our expert mentorship program to our direct funding opportunities, we are here to solve entrepreneurs’ problems.

Over the years, we found that many tech startups were repeatedly encountering the same roadblock, namely, the lack of affordable software development resources.

The Problem – U.S. software development is prohibitively expensive for many startups and businesses

High-quality tech talent is in high-demand and is expensive, making it difficult for many startups to successfully launch and scale their business. Medium and large businesses are also facing the same issue.

We searched for a solution to this conundrum for a long time, and eventually, we took action!

In early 2020, TechFarms’ Steve Millaway partnered with two entrepreneurs with expertise in software development (Sean Hoffman), and engineering/international operations (Frank Eastham), and formed a software development company called Teknika Corporation.

The goal of Teknika Corp. is simple – deliver affordable and scalable software and engineering services to businesses of all sizes. Teknika has accomplished this by utilizing highly skilled and less expensive talent in Ukraine while being completely American-owned and managed.

Teknika’s Solution – their “Hybrid Outsourcing Model”

Let’s talk about Teknika’s “special sauce” and how they are delivering American quality development work at costs well below American averages.

American developers are EXPENSIVE and blindly outsourcing to cheaper foreign development companies is wrought with communication, accounting, tax and legal issues, and most importantly, RISK. Teknika Corp. specifically mitigates these issues and provides its customers a solution that is the best of both worlds!

Teknika Corp.’s COO, Frank Eastham is on-site in Kyiv, Ukraine where he runs Teknika Corp.’s Ukraine office. They’ve established a modern office with a work environment and management style that attracts high-level tech talent in Ukraine. He is there, every day, to ensure a company culture, work ethic, and attention to detail that is distinctly American.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Meanwhile, CTO Sean Hoffman runs the Teknika Corp. office in TechFarms here in the U.S. With his 10+ years of development experience, he architects software projects and remotely manages the foreign developers – ensuring the utmost quality of the developed software. No matter what the technological problem, Sean can reach out to his American and Ukrainian networks to find the right people.

Sean and Frank work directly together – a link of crystal-clear communication between the U.S. and Ukrainian sides of the business.

Sean Hoffman (right) with CEO of Chaos Audio Landon McCoy (left)

The Client’s Experience

Clients of Teknika Corp. interface directly with Sean, Frank, and other fluent English staff. This makes for frictionless communication and a clear understanding of the customer’s needs.

The Teknika team has an extensive onboarding process where they capture the customer’s business requirements, necessary tech stacks, schedule, etc.

Then, Teknika draws from their massive talent pool in Ukraine to assemble skilled teams to execute the client’s project – with American management and quality control from start to finish. They develop using the Agile-Scrum development process which keeps the client “in the loop” and allows the teams to quickly pivot to meet the customer’s exact needs.

To the client, it feels like an American development company, but with costs much lower due to their Ukrainian talent pool.

As the customer’s business grows, Teknika can rapidly and cost-effectively scale to the unparalleled wealth of tech talent in “Europe’s Silicon Valley” – Kyiv, Ukraine.

Satisfied Customers

Chaos Audio:

Teknika Corp. has been working with Chaos Audio on software development, engineering services, and web development. Teknika developed Chaos’ mobile app from start to finish by first making mockups, and then building the app and deploying it to Google Play and the Apple App Store. In parallel, they provided manufacturing consulting to help Chaos develop their physical product – an innovative electric guitar effects pedal.

Chaos Audio App designed by Teknika

Chaos is currently launching a new marketing push and Teknika is onboard and helping to develop a high-converting landing page.

Perceptive Sensor Technologies:

Perceptive Sensor Technologies (PST) has developed an innovative acoustic sensor and required a desktop software solution. The user interface, reliability, and a professional look and feel were essential requirements for PST’s targeted customers.]

Teknika Corp. digested PST’s needs and distilled them into an initial release of software that they could begin testing in the field. Teknika‘s Agile-Scrum development process was pivotal in keeping costs low for accommodating changes resulting from Customer feedback.

My Life Chronicle:

A Northwest FL entrepreneur with a radical idea for a new type of social media site wanted to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) of his concept but didn’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars typically needed to develop such a feature-rich site.

Teknika Corp. utilized the open-source platform WordPress, along with extensive custom development, to develop a beta release of a software product so the client could get his working concept into the hands of users and investors.

Plans for 2021

Teknika Corp. has big plans for 2021. The company currently has 12 designers, developers, and other staff and is aggressively hiring to meet demand. While software development continues to be the main focus, Teknika is in talks with several customers that require hardware and engineering help.

Coworking space in Kyiv

One thing is for sure, the company’s business model is solid and has been proven to be highly effective as evidenced by the testimony of numerous satisfied customers. The Teknika team is constantly refining their business processes and strengthening their teams and is ready and willing to take on new and exciting projects.

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