TechFarms Tenant, Branch Networks, “Branches” Into Something New

TechFarms tenant, Branch Networks, has been providing fiber-powered Internet access to businesses across NW Florida now for several years. Recently, the company announced that it is now offering professional quality video surveillance systems that allow businesses to easily monitor their HD cameras on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Branch was founded (and named) on the premise that it would eventually “branch” into other Internet related segments that would allow its customers to leverage the company’s expanding fiber network. In particular, high definition video surveillance cameras consume lots of upload bandwidth when viewed remotely. Unlike cable Internet connections, fiber’s symmetrical upload and download speeds makes it an ideal choice for large installations such as condos, hotels, apartments, warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, and schools.

Branch’s expansion comes at a time when physical security is on everyone’s mind.

Nationwide school shootings and increasing burglary rates are two factors driving the need for improved security. Businesses know that without high- resolution video they stand little or no chance of identifying and catching criminals. Fortunately, today’s HD video cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR’s) allow business owners and security personnel to easily and quickly review video clips – even in total darkness thanks to improved infrared camera technology.

Once prospective customers experience the image quality and ease of use of Branch’s new video surveillance systems, many are immediately sold. “As an experienced salesman I have not seen many products that are easier to sell than these camera systems”, says Bryan Joy, Branch’s Director of New Business Development. “Businesses are tired of the cheaper, low quality cameras and want to upgrade to these new systems that allow HD camera video to be viewed on their smartphones from anywhere in the world.”

Unlike older coax cable camera systems, these new systems are installed with Ethernet cable that also provides power to the camera, thereby eliminating the need for an electrical outlet at the camera’s location. This Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature makes installations much simpler and allows cameras to be placed in locations that were previously not possible due to the lack of electrical outlets.

A locally owned and operated company, Branch seeks to grow slowly rather than quickly – a calculated move that it feels better serves its current and future customers. By focusing on the quality of service, rather than the quantity of customers, Branch feels that it is building a loyal customer base that it can provide more innovative products and services to in the years to come.

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