TechFarms Helps Launch New Design Services Venture

Ideas are worthless, it’s the execution that matters. Maybe you’ve never heard this saying before, but there’s plenty of data to back it up – especially in the startup world. We’ve all heard our friends talk about a great idea they have, but how many do you know that actually followed through? One in ten? One in a hundred? More likely it’s one in a thousand because execution is difficult, really difficult. It takes skill, time, research, planning, money, and yes, even luck.

In the technology world, it turns out that it’s even harder to execute. Even if you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, the chances are high that you won’t be able to find enough affordable tech talent to launch and scale your business. It’s not a mystery, it’s just Business 101; the law of supply and demand. Skilled tech talent is in high demand and large established tech firms continue to vacuum up virtually all available talent, leaving most small startups with very few options.

As a technology incubator, TechFarms’ role is to help entrepreneurs solve problems, and helping them find affordable tech talent is something we’ve been working on for the past year.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve helped form a new design services venture that will allow startups, and even established firms, to tap into our global network of affordable design talent. By combining some of the best US-based talent with highly-skilled talent from around the globe, we’re finally able to bring down the cost of tech talent to an affordable level, thereby enabling entrepreneurs to execute their ideas and business plans.

Initially, this new venture will be focusing its design services offerings in two areas; mobile apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. For both mobile apps and IoT projects, our project managers first work with our customers to understand their requirements and then translate these requirements into a project proposal. Once agreement is reached between both parties, the project manager selects the best-qualified member of our technical team and the work begins. During the development phase, the project manager provides continuous updates to the customer until the project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

Although our current focus is mobile apps and IoT devices, we are building a diverse team that consists of website developers, electrical and mechanical engineers, systems engineers, and many others so that we’ll be able to offer a wide range of design services. Again, our goal is to make these services available at an affordable price.

If you have a project that’s in need of affordable tech talent, visit us at and we’ll help you become the one in a thousand that executes not only your ideas, but your dreams as well!

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