TechFarms’ mission is to help create more private sector technology companies for Northwest Florida. In the process, we’ll be creating more jobs, growing our workforce, and making our communities more attractive to larger tech companies that will bring even more jobs.


To expand the tech culture and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Bay County and Northwest Florida. This is our responsibility and a necessity for us to sustain and grow. Without a strong foundation of an entrepreneurial culture, our work will not produce or attract a skilled workforce. When we develop relationships around a strong feeling of community, talent tends to multiply.

To connect entrepreneurs to resources, mentors, and each other, so they can launch new products & services. A tech culture forms through the connections between talented people and trusted mentors. People supporting their peers and working around like-minded individuals transform ideas into viable products and companies. TechFarms serves as a trusted space for individuals to become teams and for teams to become successful businesses.

Provide resources for entrepreneurs and startup companies, including capital investments, market analysis, mentors, networking events, tools for product development, and shared work space. Startups must have these assets to grow. Providing all of these benefits under one roof makes it possible for entrepreneurs to focus on their goals and accelerate their development.

Panama City Beach is a great place for many things with possibilities of growth. Technology is one of the aspects that TechFarms sees for a bigger future here in the world’s most beautiful beaches – Panama City Beach.