Pensacola IT Company Releases IOS App: EZ – Alert

Imagine a need arises to notify a group of friends or coworkers and you begin making calls, sending texts and emailing. Then you find out that of all the people you notified you forgot the most important ones, perhaps your significant other or your boss. We have all been there and experienced the frustration. Have you ever wanted a better way?

Recently, a newIT company inPensacola,Fl- NEITCO, llc – has released an IOS app called EZ-Alert. With this app on your iPhone or iPad, making reliable and consistent notifications is as simple as pressing a pre-configured button.

EZ-Alert was developed by Louis LeDuc and Julien Pugh, a couple of recent graduates from the University of West Florida (UWF) that Peter Nowak, Owner/Operator of 6 Pensacola McDonald’s and founder of NEITCO, met at a UWF CodeFest event. Peter had experienced the notification frustration first-hand in his chain of restaurants and brainstormed with Louis on a solution and after a few months of work, EZ-Alert was born. EZ-Alert enables up to eight buttons to be setup with a notification topic, a user selected icon and a list of people to notify by text and/or phone call. These buttons can be easily changed using the web interface. This capability allows users to change their notification topics as often as they need. A progressive web application (PWA) version is currently in development that will allow easier deployment on IOS and will bring the app to Android as well as PCs and Macs.

Julien and Louis have also been hard at work on an application that helps with potential employee attraction called Hireright. This app allows interested candidates to use standard texting to express interest in a job and provides appropriate automated responses to validate the interest and routes strong candidates to hiring managers. Essentially a bot performs the job screen. To the candidate all interactions happen via text while the entire conversation is captured in Slack for the hiring company’s records. A PWA version is currently under development. NEITCO, which stands for Next Era Information Technologies and Consulting is a hybrid IT company that (1) is a value-added reseller of specialized apps from partner companies; (2) is a developer of its own apps and web service integrations; (3) provides cloud infrastructure operations (CIO) services; and (4) provides project management.

iAuditor from Safety Culture is one of our partner applications, Peter Nowak has said “I have used iAuditor in my own franchise restaurants to perform food safety audits and maintenance checklists and have seen first hand how beneficial it is to my operations.” As Safety Culture describes on their website “iAuditor is an inspection app used to empower your workers in the field. Combined with the web platform, iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organization. Your team can collect consistent data, standardise operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved.”

Among the support services NEITCO provides is IT operations for small and mid-sized businesses that are migrating to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These services help you select and operate all that a cloud infrastructure provides from compute engines, storage and database systems, networking, identity management and security. This includes support for the full range of GCP offerings from GSuite to virtual machines, domain name services, Kubernetes, microservices and database design to name a few of NEITCO’s capabilities.

NEITCO also provides consulting services based on our ideas-to-profits (i2P) methodology. This includes idea development, portfolio planning, scrum project management, monetization and business formation. A new project that NEITCO is undertaking for one of its clients involves prototyping and enhancing a machine learning system using Nvidia’s TX2 embedded computing device. This system will enable real-time traffic counts differentiated by type of vehicle, car, truck, etc. that crosses a user defined recording sensor line.

You can contact NEITCO through our website or call 850-435-4298.

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