Marketing company

Within the TechFarms ecosystem, entities such as TechFarms, TechFarms Capital, and Teknika (software development) have dozens of clients in need of marketing.

We desire to start a marketing company to service these clients and more. We believe this is an excellent opportunity to build a profitable company.

Teknika has excellent infrastructure for hiring and managing overseas development talent. We believe this infrastructure can be shared and adapted to a marketing company.

Teknika is also developing a prototype marketing software that is intended to be an effecting marketing client onboarding tool. Teknika can further develop this tool or any other software tools needed by a marketing company.

We have:

  • Clients
  • Ability to quickly scale with affordable oversea workforce
  • Ability to make custom marketing software.

If we add a smart, hardworking, and experience marketing expert to this team, we’ll have a great business!

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder

Panama City, FL or Remote

We have all the ingredients and personnel within the TechFarms ecosystem to rapidly incubate a profitable marketing company. The primary component missing is a smart, hardworking, and experience marketing expert.

This is a founder/equity level position for someone that has the temperament and grit to build a multi-million dollar company and provide superb marketing results to the dozens of companies within the TechFarms ecosystem and beyond!

The ideal candidate should have:

At least 8-years of marketing experience
A high degree of technical marketing knowledge across broad spectrum of
Innovation Mindset
Strategic Vision
Communication Skills

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