Update: We’ve Moved!
We moved! After more than 2-years of construction, we received the official Certificate of Occupancy and we’ve moved into our new building which is situated directly behind our previous building.
Our New Building located at 7543 Holley Circle; Panama City Beach, FL 32408
Although major construction is completed, we are still building out internal offices, installing new equipment, and getting organized. The TechFarms staff is tentatively collocating in the center suite with two of our favorite resident tenants, Chaos Audio and ArroTech. Work is continuing on the main suite and we’re looking forward to offering this space to our members as soon as possible.
Small Business Development Center “SBDC” Office (left), Main Conference Room (right)
While we’re finishing the internal offices, we are still offering coworking memberships and day passes and we have awesome sound booths that can be used while our conference rooms are being finished. In the absence of conference rooms, our new soundproof “Sound Pods” or “Sound Booths” have become extremely popular with our members. We have 5 larger booths that easily accommodate 4 people for meetings, video conferences, etc. These booths provide excellent acoustic isolation – keeping ambient noise out and private conversations in. They have internal lighting and power, and a quiet fan continuously circulates the air to keep the internal temperature about the same as the external room temperature. We also have a smaller booth for individuals who need to make private phone or video calls.
Large “Sound Pod” that can seat up to four people (left) and the small “Sound Pod” for individual meetings (right)
MSI Moves Into TechFarms’ Previous Facilities
You may remember, Mine Survivor Inc. (MSI) was one of TechFarms’ first graduates. MSI, and sister company, ATOR Labs, have grown considerably since graduating and moving into their own facilities a few miles away on Back Beach Road. When they heard we were moving to our new building they asked if our old building was available since they were anxious to move back. We agreed and they now occupy the entire building at 7506 Holley Circle. Having MSI & ATOR Labs as neighbors allows both companies to share equipment and resources and we are happy to see them return to the original location where the company was founded.
ATOR Lab’s State-of-the-Art Automated Breathing and Metabolic Simulator (ABMS)
The 24th Annual FPL Northwest Florida Economic Symposium
TechFarms Capital was once again a sponsor at this year’s symposium, formally known as the Gulf Power Economic Symposium. As always, the symposium was well-attended by a wide range of individuals including business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and economic development organizations.
This year’s theme, “Change Up”, focused on ways of looking beyond boundaries and roadblocks standing in the way of building a vision and creating long-term prosperity for Northwest Florida. Similar to the change-up pitch in baseball, everything is changing at a rapid pace, and the world of business is no exception. In order for Northwest Florida to continue moving forward, pivoting is essential and many of the speakers focused on ways to change the way we think and do business.
By far the most interesting presentation was Peter Zeihan’s presentation on Geopolitics. Mr. Zeihan is a geopolitical strategist and the author of several interesting books including The Accidental Super Power, The Absent Super Power, Disunited Nations, and his latest book, The End of the World is Just the Beginning. His presentation explained how place impacts financial, economic, cultural, political and military developments and he showed numerous maps that visually explain various country’s challenges with energy, climate, and population demography.
Photo from Zeihan on Geopolitics
Photo from Zeihan on Geopolitics
We Were Tested Once Again
Photo from “Following the Panhandle fires? UF expert explains wildfire terms” by Kirsten Romaguera
Recently our community was once again tested by nature and we have once again proven our resilience.

It’s no secret that the world has navigated through some extremely difficult times the last few years, but our community has unfortunately faced additional challenges. In 2018 we made national news with a Cat-5 storm named Hurricane Michael, and we made the national news again this year with the Chipola Complex wildfires.

In a way, these two disasters were closely linked. Three years after Hurricane Michael has left our local forests with millions of dry, dead trees resulting in an enormous “fuel Load” for wildfires. Fuel load is simply a measure of the amount of burnable material present at a particular location and the woodlands where these wildfires started have fuel loads that are off the charts.
Photo from U.S. Wildfire Map/Esri
For weeks these fires raged out of control, but our resilient residents and firefighters fought the fires around the clock and slowly brought them under control. Finally, on March 13th, two of the fires were close to being fully contained at 95%, but the Bertha Swamp Rd Fire which was over 30 times larger than the two other fires combined, was only 60% contained. Fortunately, the weather eventually cooperated and brought some major storms which helped the firefighters get all the fires 100% contained. Once again, our residents, volunteers, and firefighters responded to the challenge and things are back to normal again.
Rapid technology growth has made keeping up with aircraft management via pen and paper a thing of the past. Aircraft ownership is all about organization and record keeping, which can become tedious and time consuming. Now, Coflyt® makes this task a breeze. Coflyt® is an intelligent aircraft management software that combines inspections, maintenance tracking, scheduling and billing into one easy-to-use platform.Coflyt®, a Pensacola-based startup, has a unique aspect to make it stand out from the crowd. It has been designed specifically for use as a mobile app. This gives users the ability to do everything from their phone on the go (there is still a web site users can go to on their desktops, if preferred.)  
This easy to use desktop and mobile app allows pilots to log information from each flight, produce FAA compliant digital logs, add flights, track fuel & oil, create advanced reports, track inspection requirements, and much more. Flight data syncs between all your devices allowing quick entry on user’s iPhone, iPad, Android, as well as with an online web browser. Automate your aircraft management, spend less time on paperwork and enjoy more time in the air with pilot peace of mind. 
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