TechFarms Welcomes the SBDC
TechFarms is pleased to announce that the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the University of West Florida has officially moved from their old office in TechFarms previous incubator facilities, to their new office spaces at our new facility located at 7543 Holley Circle.The SBDC at University of West Florida offers free business development and consulting services to any prospective or existing small business owners in the Northwest region of Florida. The center at UWF is one of 35 SBDC offices operating in the state, serving businesses and entrepreneurs from Key West to Pensacola. The SBDC network is the only statewide agency offering these types of services. All offices within the network in Florida operate under the guidance of 7 state universities. The Panama City office at TechFarms is an extension of the UWF branch.
According to the SBDC, more than 90 percent of businesses in the U.S. are classified as small businesses. Entrepreneurs are critical to the economic growth and stability of the communities they serve and the assistance the SBDC provides helps increase the entrepreneur’s chance for success. In turn, the workforce these entrepreneurs create helps attract larger employers.The Small Business Development Center was established in 1980 by congress to reduce the challenges many small businesses owners face and to lead them down the path to success. The program was designed to provide crucial assistance most clients simply couldn’t afford otherwise. The SBDC branch in Panama City will continue to provide these services to local entrepreneurs from their new space at TechFarms.The following services and training are provided to small businesses at no-cost:Business ConsultingMarketingMarket Research and Data ProjectionsBusiness PlansRegistering as an LLCInternational Business ExpansionGovernment Contracting  
TechFarms is excited the SBDC chose our new facility as their Panama City base. Both organizations provide services for startups and small businesses with TechFarms focusing on growing NW Florida’s tech ecosystem.TechFarms’ venture capital partner, TechFarms Capital, is also located in our new facility. With TechFarms, the SBDC, and TechFarms Capital now located in the same facility, both startups and medium-sized businesses have access to a wide range of resources including office space, equipment, hardware & software development services, mentoring, and capital.The SBDC encourages those interested in assistance and business services, whether existing small businesses, those just getting started, or innovators wanting to pitch ideas and concepts, contact them at (850) 474-2528 or
Chaos Audio Exhibits at NAMM 2022
In early June, Chaos Audio attended the 2022 National Association of Music Merchant (NAMM) show, hosted in Anaheim California. This annual event is the opportunity for industry leaders, artists, sellers, educators, and the media to connect with one another and see the latest and greatest products and tech from popular names in the music industry as well as up and coming startups like Chaos Audio.
Last year Chaos Audio attended the show to get their name out in the industry and connect with other companies and leaders. This year, the company showcased their Stratus pedal along with some of their new guitar accessories.The show welcomed over 1,000 exhibitors and 46,000 attendees from all over the world. Hundreds of attendees had a chance to demo the Stratus pedal and provide real-time feedback. Founder Landon McCoy described the biggest takeaway being the “feedback and observations from the vast number of demos conducted in just a few short days.”  He also expressed his excitement over the opportunity to meet face to face with so many people that Chaos Audio has worked with virtually. These same people were able to then test out Stratus for the first time.While the show was considered a success and a much-needed opportunity to see the pedal on full display, it is still undecided if Chaos Audio will exhibit at next year’s NAMM Show. Their attendance depends on many factors, but they are hopeful of returning.The team is now focused on manufacturing and shipping over 500 Stratus pedal pre-orders. They are assessing all the feedback received from the show and will make any necessary changes to the pedal.
Image Source: Chaos Audio
Check out Chaos Audio’s website to be one of the first to get your hands on some of the coolest guitar accessories or to pre-order a Stratus pedal.
Member Highlight: STOA Architects
TechFarm tenants, STOA Architects, was recently awarded contracts for two exciting local Panama City projects.The first project, contract issued by Panama City, STOA Architects will serve as the prime architect for the restoration of the Bay Memorial Park and Garden Club. The 22.59-acre park is located at 810 Garden Club Dr in Panama City, FL. The project includes natural wetlands preservation, tree restoration and an 8,000-sf community center.The second project is for structure and landscape beautification at the Saint Andrews Marina. STOA will act as the architect for the Civil/Marine Engineering group, Moffatt & Nicol for the marina store, pavilion and landscape, walkways, and pedestrian improvements to the marina as part of Project 4.
STOA Architects serves local, regional, and national clients with offices in Pensacola and Panama City. They offer building design services with experience in various project types such as federal, civil, education, hospitality, commercial, industrial, multi-family and more.These new projects will, without a doubt, reflect STOA Architects’ mission to “provide sound advice and quality design solutions” for their clients.We are excited to follow along and see the progress of both local projects.Learn more about STOA Architects and their projects at
New Tech Alert: Valve’s Steam Deck Console
A new product produced under the companies Valve and AMD, the Steam Deck will be the first handheld console that can access and play the full Steam library of Windows PC Games… meaning thousands of options. This console was designed for comfort, meaning hours of gaming in a much more ergonomic setup. According to Tillman (2022), “It even connects to a monitor and gaming peripherals like a keyboard and mouse, or a controller.”  The Steam Deck is a full pc computer, all compacted within a small handheld console. It has full Bluetooth capabilities, can install and use any PC software, and can connect to any display screen. It should be no surprise then to hear that the Valve Steam Deck is significantly more powerful than one of its competitors: the Nintendo Switch. Boasting a battery life up to 8 hours, and according to Steam’s Website: a Zen 2 CPU and 8 RDNA 2 GPU in processing power. The Steam Deck’s library is also much larger than that of the Switch’s, meaning more powerful gams, and more of them.  
The Steam Deck provides a compatibility rating for each game in its library, providing an estimate on the expected experience for the playability of each game on this device. When choosing what games to play, you can effectively filter your library by the compatibility ratings to have the most immersive gaming experience. Popular games for this device include Elden Ring, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  Prices on the Steam Website range from $399 to $649, depending on which package you decide to invest in. According to Tillman (2022), “The Steam Deck was released on February 25th. But despite this, the handheld PC is not readily available, and even if you put in a reservation, you might not get the Steam Deck until at least October, according to Valve.” 
New Team Member Spotlight
TechFarms is pleased to announce our team is growing. This month two new employees joined the organization.Megan Howell will assist our office manager and provide support to our administrative team.Adrianna Casassa will work as a prototype technician and assist the team with various duties and tasks.
Please join us in welcoming Megan and Adrianna to the team and make sure you stop by their workspaces to introduce yourself!
We’re Hiring
TechFarms is on the hunt to find the most talented people to join our crew. There are several open positions within our maintenance and facilities team. Please contact us if you or someone you know may be the right fit. The following jobs are currently available:
Shop Manager 
Responsible for managing and operating TechFarms’ prototyping shop which consists of a wide variety of metal prototyping equipment including CNCs, mills, lathes, and welders, as well as woodworking and electronics fabrication equipment.

Operations Manager 
The Operations Manager will report to the company’s CEO and will oversee all product-related operations including design, marketing & sales, and manufacturing of the company’s new aerial autonomous drones.

UAV Engineer 
The UAV engineer will report to the company’s CTO and will help design, build, and test the company’s state-of-the-art autonomous drones. Requires a BSEE degree. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years’ hardware and software design experience and will possess a strong interest in designing and building new autonomous aerial drone platforms. This is an exciting opportunity to work with an experienced team and adapt various sensor technologies to the company’s UAVs.

UAV TechnicianThe UAV technician will assist the development team to build and test the company’s state-of-the-art autonomous drones.The ideal candidate will have an associate degree in electronics with at least 3-years’ experience as an electronics technician and possess strong mechanical skills and electronics knowledge with the ability to prioritize tasks, solve problems, and learn and apply new skills quickly.
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