The Rise of Coworking Spaces
Coworking spaces are a relatively new concept. The first known space dates back to 1995 in Germany. According to Ivan Stevanovic at Small Bizz Genius, a group of computer engineers created a “hackerspace” where they could “exchange ideas and codes.” In 2002, the first coworking space was created by two Austrians. It was designed for freelancers, PR, and marketing employees. It wasn’t until 2005 before the term was coined by Brad Neuberg in San Francisco.

Since then, the coworking space phenomenon has only increased in popularity becoming the new work environment for many freelancers and hybrid employees. For years the IT industry has led the market with the largest group of co-workers, but other industries are following. The pandemic helped catapult this modern work environment to the forefront when remote work was necessary, and employees desired a space outside of their homes to complete tasks.

According to Fortune’s Sheryl Estrada, “63% of high growth companies use hybrid work models now.” During the pandemic, there was only 20,000 co-working spaces but experts are projecting that number to exceed 40,000 by 2024.

TechFarms was an early adaptor for coworking space locally in Panama City. The company opened its doors in 2015 becoming one of the first coworking spaces in the area. The goal was to provide a space for likeminded individuals in the tech industry to come together and collaborate. The coworking space was a byproduct of TechFarm’s bigger mission which focuses on the company’s incubator program designed to grow the local ecosystem by creating more private sector technology companies in the Northwest Florida region.

It did not take long for the idea to take off and to grow in popularity bringing together local companies, individuals, and startups to the facility to share ideas and resources. The company expects to see even more growth once construction is complete on the new facility.

In addition to TechFarms, two additional spaces have opened since the pandemic. Both located in downtown Panama City. However, TechFarms remains the only coworking space in Panama City Beach. The location has proven beneficial during the summer, when families are on vacation, and they need a spot to host a meeting or tie up loose ends at work.
If you are interested in space at TechFarms or would like a tour of the facility, contact us at 850-233-0058 or
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Member Highlights and News
NorthView Advisors June 2nd, NorthView Advisors served as an exclusive buyer advisor for GEON Performance Solutions, developer, and manufacturer of performance polymer solutions, in the acquisition of Cary Compounds LLC out of New Jersey. Northview was the representative for the buyer side in the transaction.
Northview Advisors offer capital raising and company sale advisory services. They work directly with their clients to provide high-level evaluations based on market conditions. Their approach to advising is to listen and learn, analyze, and understand, evaluate and guide, engage and prepare and address and advise.     
To find out more about Northview and their services visit
Advancing Floating Solar Technology and Manufacturing in the U.S.
Nhu Energy, Inc- Nhu Energy is excited to announce its recent partnership with AccuSolar, Floating Solar Energy, LLC, the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) at UCF, Florida electric utilities, and the U.S. Department of Energy in the groundbreaking demonstration project “U.S. Floating Solar Manufacturing Innovations for Improved Cost and Performance”. Nhu Energy will be supporting AccuSolar with R&D, design validation, monitoring and control systems, and development of up to four testing and demonstration sites in Florida.  This important partnership will further solar energy’s contribution to the reliability and resilience of the nation’s electrical grid by continuing to drive down costs, introducing innovative next-generation solar technologies, and increasing U.S. solar manufacturing capacity. This project will help improve the reliability, resilience, and domestic benefit of solar technologies leading into the future.
To learn more about Nhu Energy visit Nhu Energy – Energy for a Modern World
Gulf Coast State College Promotes Trio Program
The TRIO program through Gulf Coast State College aims to help Bay County students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program is designed for first generation college students and provides support via academic advising, mentoring guidance, application assistance and individualized tutoring.
Not many people know about the TRIO program so the college wants local businesses and organizations to help spread the word. The department encourages the community to assist with their effort by telling employees, coworkers and even family members about the program.
If you know of anyone that could benefit from this program, please direct them to the TRIO site here. 
New Tech Alert
Newbase IQ Dash Cam
This new dash cam will be a huge step in the advancement of vehicle safety and surveillance. Not only will this dash cam be able to use AI to warn you of potential collisions, but it has 3 external cameras to give an almost 360 view of what occurs around you, and an internal camera that records 24/7. According to Nextbase, “it offers real-time access from anywhere at any time through the iQ app.” This dash cam will be able to connect to Bluetooth on your phone and show you live footage and notifications.  Nextbase also states that the dash cam can “transform your driving experience with robust cloud-connected technology, innovative assist functionality — like real-time Witness Mode and Valet Mode — and a whole slew of additional safety features”.If you still end up in an accident, the dash cam will send details of your location as well as critical health information (optional) to emergency services.
Events and Updates
Conference Room is Now Available 
Another phase of construction at TechFarms is complete. We are excited to announce the executive conference room is furnished, and ready to host meetings. In mid-July, in addition to the Small Business Development Center’s office space, the crew put the finishing touches on the new conference room. The table seats 8 and the room seats up to 14 comfortably. In addition to the executive conference table, there’s an 84” HDTV, conference phone, and video conferencing system for presentations and virtual meetings.  Guests and tenants are able to make reservations immediately through our online scheduling system or by calling our office at 850-233-0058.Book your spot today or stop by to check out the finished product!
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We’re Hiring
TechFarms is on the hunt to find the most talented people to join our crew. There are several open positions within our maintenance and facilities team. Please contact us if you or someone you know may be the right fit.
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