A Year in Review 
The Big Move
As the year 2022 comes to close, we want to recap TechFarms’ accomplishments and highlights of the year. 
Photo of second section with all companies sharing the space 
Left Photo: Taye Larry and Dr. Len Eichler of SBDC enjoying their new office Right Photo: Terry Mauer and Ayesha Haider of SBDC talking at the SBIR/STTR event 
In early 2022, we steadily started to move into our new facility. Initially, TechFarms shared the 2nd section with our sister companies and incubator members as we waited for offices to be built. It was a tight squeeze, but we made the best of it! 
In May, our tenant – America’ SBDC Florida – moved into their new office. Later in the month, they also hosted the first event in the new space: SBIR/STTR Funding Innovation on the Gulf Coast! TechFarms’ offices were built and we moved in June! 
“STEM,” But with an “A”
In April and May, our favorite artist returned to TechFarms. Anthony Heinz May needed space to work on another project for Walton County.   Anthony was asked to participate in Grayton Beach’s fourth annual Underwater Museum of Art (UMA) expansion. He was one of 25 artists asked to create pieces of art for divers that would double as marine habitats that help expand fishery populations. 
Photo credit: Anthony Heinz May 
Fibonacci Conchousness is a concrete conch shell with a welded frame substrate of wire mesh and steel rods. Anthony was inspired by the Fibonacci spiral that occurs naturally in the wild, including conch shells – which are scarce in the Florida Panhandle. Thus, Fibonacci Conchousness was born.
Photo credit: Anthony Heinz May 
It’s always a pleasure working with Anthony. We enjoy the opportunity he brings for us to support the “Art” in “S.T.E.A.M” as well as our Northwest Florida community! 
850 Magazine 
TechFarms and other companies in our ecosystem were featured in 850 Business Magazine’s Innovation & Technology Special Issue this year. The article discusses TechFarms mission to grow the technology industry in Northwest Florida. Along the journey, Steve Millaway – our founder – recognized and solved other needs in the community. The biggest? Funding. So, he founded TechFarms Capital to invest in tech or tech-adjacent companies at early stages of development.  Mine-Survival Inc. (MSI), the first company to enter TechFarms’ incubator, also have their own feature in 850’s Innovation & Technology special issue. Rob Moran – MSI’s founder – is actually on the cover! To read the articles, please click here
Chaos Audio 2022 Wrapped
Let’s talk about our customers news Chaos Audio

Chaos Audio’s 2022 was filled with twists and turns along the company’s journey to take their flagship product, Stratus, to market.

1. The company exhibited Stratus at NAMM 2022 in Anaheim, California. The opportunity to get their product in front of musicians at the world’s largest music merchants trade show was invaluable. The team gathered product feedback from industry professionals and made valuable industry connections.

2. Fast forward to fall of 2022 when Chaos Audio accomplished something no other guitar product company has done before – they launched the first guitar pedal into space! The high-tech audio company, introduced the Stratus to the marketplace on December 9th, and celebrated the event by launching the Stratus into the stratosphere.

3. US Kickstarter orders delivered! The Chaos Audio team has successfully delivered over 200 Stratus units to Kickstarter backers in the United States and partially fulfilled all international orders. Having Stratus units in the wild is a huge step for the Chaos team as they move into the new year!
Tech News
FPL’s first-ever commercial drone helps quickly identify and restore power outage issues
Image Source: Florida Trend
Power Drone FPL has launched the first-ever commercial, fixed-wing drone of its scale designed to capture high-quality images and videos of its infrastructure and thousands of miles of power lines. Called FPLAir One, the drone is capable of flying from South Florida to the Panhandle and back on a single flight. The device will help maintenance crews identify potential issues before an outage occurs and quickly survey damage to power lines and substations following severe weather outbreaks and hurricanes. Trained pilots from the company’s Mobile Command Center in West Palm Beach remotely operate FPLAir One. FPLAir One is equipped with technology that can reveal issues with FPL equipment that are undetectable to the naked eye, such as changes in heat on the equipment, which may help crews take actions to prevent an outage. The drone can fly in tropical storm force winds, even before technicians are able to begin restoring power, gathering real-time information and identifying the causes of outages. This allows FPL to get the right crews and the right equipment to the right place, speeding restoration efforts. — By Carlton Proctor
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Sky Dreamer drone project gives students opportunity to discover, develop new technologies
Image Source: Florida Trend
Fort Walton Beach-based Hsu Educational Foundation has launched a student-oriented project called Sky Dreamer. The design-develop-fly program is the first of several planned unmanned aircraft systems challenge projects underway at high schools and colleges in Northwest Florida. Under a broad program heading called FieldWerx, students will link with mentors and specialists at Hurlburt Field’s Air Force Research Lab and the 1st Special Operations Wing. The goal of the Sky Dreamer project is to build an electric vertical takeoff and landing drone that will fly some eight miles. Once in the sky, small drones will be released that can swarm and accomplish programmed tasks such as conducting a search-and-rescue mission. “There is no greater quest than to inspire curious minds to innovate beyond the bounds of our current experience,” says Amanda Negron, CEO of the Hsu Educational Foundation. “We are working to encourage prototype development, certification skills training in technical fields and the discovery of new applications for existing technologies. What we are providing is the opportunity to foster critical thinking, explore new skills and re-examine how we approach difficult problems collaboratively,” she says.
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