Teknika’s Kyiv Office is
Alive and Well (So Far)
TechFarms’ sister company, Teknika Corporation, provides software development services for companies worldwide. The company’s EU office is located in Kyiv, Ukraine and 8 of its 26 employees are based in Ukraine and are at the center of the ongoing war with Russia. We are in constant communication with Teknika’s Ukraine employees and so far Teknika’s business operations have not been negatively impacted.  The Kyiv office was setup three years ago by Frank Eastham, an engineer from Panama City Beach, Florida. According to Frank, the situation in Kyiv is pretty much what we’re seeing on TV here in the US. The people are highly motivated to save their country and are determined to fight as long as it takes.  
Frank Eastham, COO in Kyiv, Ukraine
Frank made the difficult decision to stay in Ukraine and support his team – an admirable, but potentially dangerous decision. He’s very worried that power could be cut and has purchased several generators and lots of gasoline. He’s also concerned that Internet access could be cut rendering him unable to communicate with the rest of his team and the company’s customers. Fortunately, however, Elon Musk recently announced his Starlink satellite Internet service is now available in Ukraine, and Teknika is currently on the waiting list.  Going forward, we wish Frank, his team, and the people of Ukraine the best as they fight to save their country and the freedom they have enjoyed for decades. 
New Building Update
Our facility team has been busy building conference rooms, office space, and putting the finishing touches on our new building. Instead of wood framing, we’re using steel framing which provides greater strength and maintains the building’s excellent fire rating.
We’re hoping to receive our certification of occupancy very soon, and will be moving into our new space very soon thereafter. We can’t wait to show everyone the new and improved TechFarms, and are excited to welcome new members, host events, and continue to grow. 
TechFarms Goes Farming
You may have heard that we have big plans for our kitchen space and outdoor grill area, but what about the rest of the back patio and yard space? Currently we’re working on ideas to start up a garden and green wall. With this idea we plan to gather up pallets from our surrounding neighbors and recycle them into garden beds for the back patio, as well as placing greenery along the building with a wallscape built from pallets.  Wait a tech incubator that gardens? A strange combination you may think, but we do have “farms” in our name. TechFarms is consciously making efforts to be greener and eco conscious and what better way than growing our own produce and recycling materials while creating a greenscape. We look forward to sharing the progress and development of this project.   
Startup Stories Temporarily Canceled
Due to construction of our new building, TechFarms will be temporarily canceling our Startup Stories event. We would like to shift our focus to planning the new building to make it the best it can be. We hope to bring back the event once we’re all moved in! 
Chaos Audio and the Community
Recently Gulf Coast State College hosted the 2022 Bay CTE Works Mini Conference where Chaos Audio was asked to present. Career and technical education (CTE) provides an important pathway to success for high school students and offers each student opportunities to personalize his or her education based on their career interests and unique learning needs.  
We understand the importance of community participation, especially when it comes to up-and-coming youth. When Chaos Audio was asked to present to rising high school seniors, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. They presented to three separate sessions and seniors from surrounding areas were given the opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship with the members of the Chaos team.  During their sessions, they discussed what it’s like to create a startup and how their Kickstarter campaign managed to be so successful. The Chaos team also met with students individually and discussed their personal interests and goals. 
A Familiar Face Returns to TechFarms
In the next few months, we will be welcoming a familiar face to TechFarms for a few weeks! We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but he’s been commissioned for another local project. So, place your guesses and keep an eye out for future newsletters! 
TechFarms Capital to Sponsor Upcoming FPL Northwest Florida Economic Symposium
The 24th annual Gulf Power Economic Symposium, now called the FPL Northwest Florida Economic Symposium, will be held March 8-9, 2022, at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.  
The symposium is NW Florida’s premier event where businesses and community leaders come together to network, hear interesting speakers, and discuss strategies for economic development. TechFarms Capital has been a sponsor for the event for the last several years and will have a booth to meet prospective investors and technology startups. In addition, Landon McCoy, Founder and CEO of one of the fund’s portfolio companies, Chaos Audio, will be present to present their innovative electric guitar pedal, the Stratus. This student-led startup has won numerous awards including first place at FSU Tallahassee’s prestigious InNOLEvation 2021 Challenge. For more information on this years’ event see: FPL Symposium
We’re Hiring
TechFarms is always on a mission to find the most talented people to join our team. We’re currently hiring for our maintenance and facilities team.
Maintenance TechnicianWe’re looking for a Maintenance Technician that will perform maintenance and landscaping tasks for TechFarms and other associated properties. Duties include performing building maintenance and remodeling, woodworking, metalworking, prototyping, landscaping, and more. This is a great opportunity to work and learn with a very skilled team. 
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