Meet Myron Creel: TechFarms Tenant

Meet Myron Creel, TechFarms’ newest tenant. Myron is a Senior Mechanical Engineer with several decades of manufacturing, design, and management experience. He provides mechanical and manufacturing process design services for a diverse range of clients in shipping, aviation, medical, and manufacturing industries. His expertise results from hands-on participation in the realization of physical products, completely through the design, prototype, and production stages.

How did you get your start in this field?

“As a prelude to my career as a mechanical engineer, I entered industry as a machinist and toolmaker.  During those early years, I also became a licensed pilot, aircraft powerplant mechanic, and even covered thousands of miles as a steam locomotive engineer.  These skills allow me to apply real-world experience to design challenges, at a time when many engineers in the field have never even been inside a machine shop, or, at best, have only had the “borrowed-safety-glasses” tour of a manufacturing facility.”

What is the most interesting part of your work?

“The most interesting thing about what I do is the constant need to apply new tools and technologies to the eternal mechanical challenges of the physical world.  On any given day, I can be excited about a new manufacturing tool, a new electronic monitoring device, or perhaps just the fact that these tools are cheaper and more available.  And since my design activities usually require that I have the latest tools  – who wouldn’t get excited about that?”

What advice do you have for someone interested in pursuing a career in your field?

“For young people who might be considering a career in mechanical or electrical/mechanical (mechatronic) design and engineering, my absolute first recommendation is “hands-on” experience.  Get a job in a machine shop or manufacturing facility, build your own bike or car, learn to weld or use hand tools – get your hands dirty!  Even after you learn to use today’s magnificent design software, you’re going to have to know first-hand about materials and how they look, feel, and are processed.  Otherwise, you’re just drawing pictures – and, seriously, even a kid in kindergarten can do that.”

TechFarms is proud to have Myron’s extensive skill and expertise become a part of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. For more information about Myron Creel’s Mechatronic Design click here.

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