Meet Branch Networks, a TechFarms Tenant

by: TechFarms, LLC

TechFarms tenant, Branch Networks, is an Internet provider that specializes in delivering fiber-powered Internet service to large businesses, condos, and hotels that want their employees and guests to have the fastest Wi-Fi service available. The company’s founder, Nicholas Casassa, says guests arriving at local condos and hotels often arrive with multiple smartphones, laptops, and tablets only to find that their Wi-Fi connections are too slow. Streaming video from YouTube and Netflix can quickly overwhelm the bandwidth available from cable Internet connections, whereas a fiber connection can provide virtually unlimited bandwidth. In today’s connected world, unhappy customers complaining on social media is not something that any business wants.

Previously to starting Branch, Nicholas helped deploy a wide area wireless Internet network stretching over 220 miles from Panama City to Pensacola. The network at one point served over 23,000 subscribers making it one of the largest wireless networks in the nation.  

What’s in the name “Branch Networks”? Nicholas wanted to convey the company’s goal to be more than just a high-speed Internet provider. The company’s plans are to “branch out” into other communication segments such as video surveillance and the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market which encompasses a range of new opportunities in home automation, access control, and remote video monitoring.

Remote monitoring of high-resolution video cameras requires several megabits of bandwidth at each camera location and is a perfect match for Branch’s highly reliable fiber connections that have symmetrical upload and download speeds. Branch is currently installing high-definition cameras, high-density Wi-Fi systems, and 150Mbps fiber connections for businesses that want to remotely monitor their surveillance cameras, run point of sale software, and other bandwidth intensive applications. 

Nicholas says that one of the biggest challenges he and other IT entrepreneurs face is on the business development side, namely, trying to find time for sales and marketing efforts while deploying and managing customer’s networks. Nevertheless, the company is enjoying steady growth from referrals as more businesses discover the benefits of fiber. 

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