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Chaos Audio

Mobile app enabled Multi-FX Processor

Chaos Audio is a student-founded and led startup based in Florida. Their signature product, the Stratus guitar pedal, is a multi-tool that replaces several pieces of equipment for electric guitar players of all levels of skill.

The company was founded in 2019 by Landon McCoy and his team of friends. Driven by their passion for pedal design, they embarked on a journey that led to the creation of Chaos Audio LLC.

With their flagship product, the Stratus pedal, they gained recognition through a successful Kickstarter campaign, exceeding their funding goal in 2021. Despite pandemic challenges, Chaos Audio persevered, refining their designs and delivering Stratus to their Kickstarter backers.

Landon McCoy

Landon McCoy


Young entrepreneur and electrical engineering student who founded the company in 2019. McCoy’s vision is to combine technology and music to enhance artistic expression for musicians and hobbyists alike.



2 employees

PCB, Florida, USA

Teknika Corporation

Custom software development

Teknika provides software development, engineering services, and staff augmentation across a broad spectrum of technical specialties.

Our versatile talent stack and scalable network of vetted professionals allows us to custom tailor a team to fit your project’s needs – and scale it as you grow.

At the core of our operation is our signature development process. From start to finish the client is always in the loop and feedback can quickly be acted on. This efficiency is the key to minimizing cost, delivering the right product, and doing it fast!

Frank Eastham

Frank Eastham

Co-Founder, CEO

Engineer at Northrup Grumman. Thrived at Kalash in automation and digital transformation. Founded Teknika for innovation.



67 employees