Our Ecosystem

TechFarms’ tenants, partners and mentors know we’re much more than just an incubator. We’re a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders who belong to and contribute to a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. The relationships we’re building with outside communities are laying the foundation for an expanding technology and manufacturing industry in Northwest Florida and beyond. What we do today determines where we go tomorrow, and where our companies and employees go in the future.

Before TechFarms was established in early 2015, local organizations that provided business resources didn’t have many common places to collaborate. Similarly, local entrepreneurs had to hunt for the right resources from many different organizations. Once TechFarms built its facility, outfitted it with prototyping equipment, and staffed it with experience mentors and partners, members of the area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem began to converge.

To accomplish TechFarms’ mission we are working together with all of our friends, partners, institutions, and other entities in our expanding ecosystem. We’re sharing ideas, connections, strategy and resources to help each community accomplish their own mission and goals.


Building a tech ecosystem is a team effort. We need STEM educational curriculums in our schools, colleges, universities and tech schools. We need our Military institutions and universities to provide a path for technology transfer so entrepreneurs can help commercialize some of the the vast quantities of ideas and intellectual property they generate. We need existing tech companies to provide more internship opportunities for students. And finally, we need more funding for promising startups.

Our members benefit from the network of successful business leaders and investors who comprise our regional ecosystem. Starting a new business is always difficult. Come join us and we’ll become your strategic partner and help your startup grow.