Hurricane Michael Update

TechFarms received only minor storm damage and we are now open. Contact us if you are in need of temporary office space with Internet and phone service.
Call: (850) 233-0058 or e-mail:


Who are we?
TechFarms is a technology incubator located in Panama City Beach, Florida. We provide innovators and entrepreneurs with office space, coworking space, equipment, prototyping facilities, business & technical mentoring, and much more. TechFarms is closely affiliated with TechFarms Capital, an angel investment fund targeting technology startups in the Southeast.


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How tech nerds aim to revitalize the Panhandle’s economy

The Panama City News Herald chose TechFarms for a cover story, which featured topics such as current tenants and their inventions, our mission, and technology in the Panhandle’s economy. To read full article, click here.

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TechFarms’ mission is to help create more private sector technology companies for Northwest Florida. In the process, we’ll be creating more jobs, growing our workforce, and making our communities more attractive to larger tech companies that will bring even more jobs.


To expand the tech culture and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Bay County and Northwest Florida. This is our responsibility and a necessity for us to sustain and grow. Without a strong foundation of an entrepreneurial culture, our work will not produce or attract a skilled workforce. When we develop relationships around a strong feeling of community, talent tends to multiply.

To connect entrepreneurs to resources, mentors, and each other, so they can launch new products & services. A tech culture forms through the connections between talented people and trusted mentors. People supporting their peers and working around like-minded individuals transform ideas into viable products and companies. TechFarms serves as a trusted space for individuals to become teams and for teams to become successful businesses.

Provide resources for entrepreneurs and startup companies, including capital investments, market analysis, mentors, networking events, tools for product development, and shared work space. Startups must have these assets to grow. Providing all of these benefits under one roof makes it possible for entrepreneurs to focus on their goals and accelerate their development.

Panama City Beach is a great place for many things with possibilities of growth. Technology is one of the aspects that TechFarms sees for a bigger future here in the world’s most beautiful beaches – Panama City Beach.

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Our Ecosystem

TechFarms’ tenants, partners and mentors know we’re much more than just an incubator. We’re a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders who belong to and contribute to a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. The relationships we’re building with outside communities are laying the foundation for an expanding technology and manufacturing industry in Northwest Florida and beyond. What we do today determines where we go tomorrow, and where our companies and employees go in the future.

Before TechFarms was established in early 2015, local organizations that provided business resources didn’t have many common places to collaborate. Similarly, local entrepreneurs had to hunt for the right resources from many different organizations. Once TechFarms built its facility, outfitted it with prototyping equipment, and staffed it with experience mentors and partners, members of the area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem began to converge.

To accomplish TechFarms’ mission we are working together with all of our friends, partners, institutions, and other entities in our expanding ecosystem. We’re sharing ideas, connections, strategy and resources to help each community accomplish their own mission and goals.


Building a tech ecosystem is a team effort. We need STEM educational curriculums in our schools, colleges, universities and tech schools. We need our Military institutions and universities to provide a path for technology transfer so entrepreneurs can help commercialize some of the the vast quantities of ideas and intellectual property they generate. We need existing tech companies to provide more internship opportunities for students. And finally, we need more funding for promising startups.

Our members benefit from the network of successful business leaders and investors who comprise our regional ecosystem. Starting a new business is always difficult. Come join us and we’ll become your strategic partner and help your startup grow.


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Entrepreneurship encompasses more than starting a business. Entrepreneurship is a mindset, and the ability to achieve and progress beyond your pitfalls. But the path from your first idea to your first customer is a long endeavor. Hundreds of choices must be made and mistakes can be costly.

That’s why we opened TechFarms in early 2015. Business incubators give entrepreneurs much higher success rates because they provide a majority of the necessary resources for a startup to survive. We help tech startups navigate the chaos that often prevents others from realizing their dreams.


When you join TechFarms, you’ll have access to our team of mentors, strategic partners, and product development resources and equipment. You will meet others in the technology industry and will be able to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs. If you think you’re ready to make the transition into our incubator, please visit our membership page to fill out the application and questionnaire. Our work environment is always relaxed and enjoyable. You will have access to all of the following, depending on the size of your company and the resources you need:


  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Website design
  • Content and contract writing
  • Startup-specific business development advice
  • Marketing and sales insights


TechFarms provides you with business leaders and tech-industry professionals to help your startup launch. You can request one-on-one time with these experts to use their collaborative knowledge and years of experience for business development and training. Our mentors have expertise in:

  • Technology
  • Business planning
  • Strategic and financial planning
  • Fundraising
  • Scouting local and regional talent
  • Potential investor and customer introductions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate legal advice


It is nearly impossible to keep a company moving forward without space and capital. Entrepreneurs typically don’t have all the resources they need unless they’re funded or join an incubator program. Let us provide the basics to get you started, so you can focus on your startup goals. We offer:

    • Capital (based on performance)
    • Community office space
    • Private office (limited availability)
    • Access to community events
    • Educational and networking opportunities
    • High-speed fiber Internet
    • Makerspace and prototyping shop